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Dina T. – Roseville, CA *****5 Stars

The first time I met Jillian, I had just had a terrible experience with a hair dresser. This other hair dresser didn’t know what to do with my thick curls, so she thinned it extremely, until it looked like I had a horrific mullet. A friend of mine was Jillian’s clients, so I decided to try her out. I came to her ready to chop my two feet of hair completely off and start again, but Jillian saw beauty in the mess.  She said she wanted to give me back my hair first before I decided to do anything drastic, and then if I CHOSE to cut off my hair, I could do it. I immediately knew I was in the right hands, and I haven’t left since. I’ve been with Jillian for many years. She has been with me through tough times and beautiful moments. She is more than a hair dresser…she has become a dear friend, one you can trust with your whole person, not only your hair.

I love coming to one location & getting my eyebrows waxed by my sweet Bree. Jillian & Bree work so well together that one would mistake them for family. Visit this shop in Old Roseville if you not only want an awesome experience, but also want wonderful, peaceful women investing into your life. xoxo


Christina G. – Oakland, CA *****5 Stars

I was working in Roseville for the week & was WAY past due for some personal care – hair color & cut on the top of the list!

Late in the hotel I was checking yelp to decide where I would schedule my services. I email & leave messages at a few spots.  When I call to leave a message for Jillbreez, a woman answered!  Yikes!  I must have dialed the wrong number & I’m bothering her late in the night!  But to my surprise the woman confirmed I dialed the right number & that she was available to color & cut my hair during one of my only openings.

I show up for my appointment.  The location was easy to find with ample parking in front.  Super cute building inside & out.

Jillian was wrapping up with a client and she asked me to wait in the side room that was stocked with coffee, teas, sodas, waters and even a massage chair.  Can I move in?

She did a great job with my hair.  I have naturally curly hair which can intimidate some stylists but she did a good job with it.  I went with a dark red color that I really like.

Her customer service was fantastic.  I had to be on  conference call during part of my service.  She was very accommodating & sensitive.  She turned down the music & timed some parts around the call.  Incredible.


Sara E. – Fair Oaks, CA *****5 Stars

Not only is Erinn an amazing stylist, she is an amazing person & I always enjoy being in her chair! The time flies by while she highlights my hair to perfection. Erinn is trendy, fashionable, knowledgeable & likes to learn new things to keep her passion fresh. I really appreciate knowing that she is dedicated to doing things right & doesn’t cut corners when she’s doing my hair; she’s thorough & I completely trust her with my hair.

I know exactly what I look for in a stylist & usually have a hard time finding someone who I can trust to be kind to my hair & help me get the look I want without wrecking it. Erinn will NOT disappoint!


Inga B. – Sacramento, CA *****5 Stars

Laura has been doing my hair for many years now and I swear I will NEVER go anywhere else! She is now located at this adorable boutique salon… It’s very welcoming and adorable! A little out of my way since I’m in natomas/sacramento… But more than worth the drive! I get highlights and low-lights normally and touch ups, and a trim.  Also I have had her style my hair several occasions too and she is every very good at it too!  Not sure that there is anything she can’t do with hair! Not only is she extremely good at what she does, her prices are reasonable too!  Definitely book her for all hair color cut and styling needs!


Ardis G. – Roseville, CA *****5 Stars

Love, Love Jillibreez Salon & Spa. Been with them for about 7 years now!  Longest I’ve ever been with a hair stylist. Jill knows how to cut & color hair and Bree is my one and only esthetician and the only person I can trust for a good wax! LOVE their new location…beautiful…so charming !!


Linda M. –  Sacramento, CA ***** 5 Stars

I’ve followed Jilliann for 20 years…and she knows my hair better than I do. Love the attention to detail and the warm hospitality on every visit. Bree does a fabulous job of wax and facials… and its convenient to have their partnership under one roof.  You’ll walk away feeling pampered & beautiful.


Lillian M. – Roseville,CA *****5 Stars

Jillibreez Salon & Spa is awesome! 5*+ I have been with Jillian for over 13 years. She is an expert with color! I have very fine hair and before I found Jillian I had many tramatic hair cuts, but jilliann always gets it right! Bree gives great facials too!! Highly recommend!


Sharon S. – Roseville, CA  ***** 5 Stars

A great place to start your birthday or any day for that matter. Jill on the hair & Bree on the wax~Just amazing!!


Eric C. – Carmichael, CA *****5 Stars

Yes, I am a dude and I get my hair cut in a little pink house.  That’s right!  Not a Barber shop while talking sports with the guys, not standing in cold bathroom while staring into a mirror with an electric hair buzzer…  A pink house!  I know what you’re thinking…  “Why Eric?  Why would you take the chance of putting your strong masculine reputation at risk?  Why?”  I’ll tell you why…  Laura Milo!  Laura Milo cuts my hair right, and keeps the lines tight.  Her price is much more reasonable than typical blown out salon prices for a basic hair cut as well.  That’s why!  And if you’re a woman reading my review thinking I’m just a dude getting a hair cut, and that your beautiful and delicate locks require a lot more TLC than a man getting his disheveled hair cut, just contact her and ask to see some of her hair styling portfolio.  It will blow you away because I have actually seen it, and it is impressive.  Just one trip to her station made me a regular customer.  The place is clean, cozy and friendly, so stars across the board!  BOOM!

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